THUD Yorkshire

What is The Hookup Dinner?

A growing entrepreneurial networking initiative with a global vision on building a culture of entrepreneurship founded by DrLifesgud and produced in collaboration with 6 teams of startups who power the activations in each region.

It gives startups from across the country a platform from which to connect, engage and contribute to each others’ success, while also providing entrepreneurs with a valuable interface to corporate South Africa.

The concept, which takes on a dynamic, yet relaxed and informal dinner format, was brought to life in 2012 and has since evolved into a market place where organisations find entrepreneurs with whom to partner in their economic empowerment programmes.

The first Friday of the month, startups from across South Africa and Africa gather at The Hookup Dinner to network and explore collaborative opportunities.

Our aim is to have an active, vibrant, connected, well-networked and economically active tribe of 1 million startups across the African continent by 2020.


What is happening in Yorkshire?

THUD Yorkshire is a new initiative that brings the passion, dedication and hugely successful model of the Hook Up Dinner to young people in the UK. It began after a trip to South Africa by young entrepreneurs thanks to RB and the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank. While they were there, the young people saw how even thousands of miles away, the same issues were faced by young enterprising people there as in the UK. As a result on their return, they decided to set up a similar initiative here. We will be arranging monthly meetings to encourage discussion and facilitate connections between young people to help everyone grow.